Audacity, Divine Mystery
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Mekong Pilgrimage

My world spiritual pilgrimage will continue next week as I fly to Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam to travel with a group up the Mekong River to Ankor Wat. Our journey will include daily lectures by Yale professors on the religion, art, and culture of the peoples with whom we will interact. After a week traveling through rural parts of Vietnam we will cross over into Cambodia, where we will visit the killing fields, Phnom Penh, Angkor Ban, and Siem Reap on our way to the Buddhist temples of Ankor.

I continue to work with my editor to revise and adapt my first book “Spiritual Audacity: Six Disciplines for Human Flourishing” which is currently scheduled for publication in September 2017. While I am traveling I have scheduled two additional blog posts from my website telling the story of my fall from TSI and my finding hope again. I hope those of you who are following my story which find these interesting. Upon my return from Vietnam and Cambodia I expect to begin blogging on generosity and mystery.

My three spiritual pilgrimages of 2016, along with two more planned for 2017, when added to the many spiritual journeys I have undertaken over the last 25 years, are planned to be the core texts for my second book, “Spiritual Pilgrim: Journeys with Christian, Sufi, Taoist, Buddhist, and Shamanic Mystics” which is planned for publication sometime in 2018. For those of you who are following and encouraging me on this journey into my fifth career, you know it is a daunting undertaking, but I am experiencing new passion and joy with the help of my friends. Thank you.

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Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom is a transcendentalist, author, mystic, theologian, entrepreneur, social impact investor, company creator and spiritual seeker. Jim holds a BA from Yale, an MBA from Harvard, and Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Andover Newton.

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