Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom
Author, mystic, theologian, entrepreneur, investor, company creator, venture capitalist, and laughing buddha.

Jim Sherblom is the author of Spiritual Audacity: Six Disciplines of Human Flourishing.  In the tradition of Saint Augustine and Thomas Merton he presents six spiritual disciplines through the stories of his life which help any spiritual seeker to greater joy and well being.

Speaking Engagements

James Sherblom: Human Flourishing

First Parish In Concord

20 Lexington Road · Concord, MA

Enter through side door on right

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Many spiritually oriented religious people seek salvation and redemption. What do spiritually oriented humanists seek instead?

In his book SPIRITUAL AUDACITY: Six Disciplines of Human Flourishing, author and theologian Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom suggests resilience, humility, gratitude, generosity of spirit, understanding of mystery, and spiritual awakening. These are humanist fruits of the spirit. Jim will speak, including readings from his book, and lead a discussion at the monthly gathering of the Concord Area Humanists on Wednesday December 6, 20170. If you have ever pondered these matters, come join the discussion. As always, all are welcome.


About The Speaker:
Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom is an author, mystic, theologian, entrepreneur, investor, company creator and venture capitalist. Jim holds a BA from Yale, MBA from Harvard, and Masters in Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Andover Newton Theological School.

More on Jim at https://jimsherblom.com/about/

General Information:
Our First Wednesday Dialog series brings in outside speakers to share interesting topics related to Humanism — kind of like Ted Talk. We socialize and enjoy refreshments until about 7:15, at which point the speakers presents for as long as they choose, usually until 8:00 or so. At this point we pass the mic around and have a group discussion about the topic. When the discussion wraps up, we continue with more refreshments and socializing until around 9:00 when all attendees are welcome to join our open steering committee meeting.

We take donations at the door to cover the cost of the meeting ($5 is suggested). Half of the donations (after we pay the rent) are given as an honorarium to the speaker with a $25 minimum. All regular attendees are encouraged to bring refreshments to share.

Other Speaking Topics

Spiritual Pilgrim: Lessons from Mystic Journeys with Five Faiths

I am a spiritual pilgrim.  Each pilgrimage is a metaphysical journey seeking spiritual significance.  I have traveled with Buddhist, Christian, Shamanic, Sufi and Taoist mystics and have learned lessons about awakening and human flourishing from them all.

Becoming Transcendentalist
Jim describes his path from his Baptist puritanical Christian heritage to becoming a friend and follower of the 19th century Concord Transcendentalists and how it changed his family’s lives.  Jim now lives with his family as a transcendentalist in Concord, MA.

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