Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom
Author, mystic, theologian, entrepreneur, investor, company creator and venture capitalist.

Jim Sherblom is the author in manuscript stage of his spiritual memoir Spiritual Audacity: How I found love, fame, fortune, joy, peace, and spiritual awakening. In the tradition of Saint Augustine and Thomas Merton he presents six spiritual disciplines through the stories of his life which help any spiritual seeker to greater joy and wellbeing.


While his memoir is prepublication he plans to e-publish the six spiritual disciplines in separate e-books as

Audacious Spiritual Resilience:
How I transcended the poverty of my birth

Audacious Spiritual Surrender:
How surrendering everything can lead to gaining everything

Audacious Spiritual Gratitude:
Being grateful for what is, what can be, and what never should have been

Audacious Spiritual Generosity:
How what we give away helps us to prosper in what matters

Living in Divine Mystery:
Why living with God in divine mystery transforms us

Audacious Spiritual Awakening:
Living in awe as an awakened spiritual being

Speaking Topics

Spiritual Resilience

In 1955, at the height of the baby boom, Jim was born into a very large and very poor family of a white working class American Baptist minister. Jim would overcome many and diverse obstacles to become an international management consultant, biotech executive, investor and ordained clergy. His talks on spiritual resilience describe the nature of that journey and how anyone can follow it.

Spiritual Surrender

In 1973 Jim was completely unprepared for the challenges facing a public school working class kid as an undergraduate at Yale. His talks on spiritual surrender describe how overwhelmed he was in the maelstrom he faced at Yale, how he transcended failure through the love of a good woman, and graduated with honors from Harvard Business School, leading to an international business career that exceeded all of his dreams and expectations.

Spiritual Gratitude

As a successful biotech executive in the 1980’s and 1990’s Jim helped build the industry. He also was very publicly fired.   Talking about joys and sorrows in his personal life and business career Jim illuminates the spiritual nature of gratitude for everything: the good, the bad, and that which should never have been.

Spiritual Generosity

Using money as a measure for meaning Jim explores how generosity can compound or confound our sense of well being. He describes how he adapted from growing up in poverty to becoming quite wealthy. Jim also relates how generosity transforms his relationship with God and informed his response to life’s challenges. Through generosity spiritual growth can even come from life’s disasters.

Living in Divine Mystery

Through stories of spiritual pilgrimages, and his life as a parish minister, Jim recounts traditional and untraditional paths to enlightenment. He tells of dancing with Sufis, transcending mountains with Taoists, exploring hallucinogenic plant medicines with shaman, and other tales along the way traveling into the mystic.

Spiritual Awakening

Employing teachings from his final sermon as a parish minister, a pilgrimage up the Ganges in the footsteps of the Buddha with a famous Harvard professor of comparative religion, and the Zen story of Seeking the Ox, Jim describes the inexplicable nature of human spiritual awakening and how we can pursue it.


Other Speaking Topics


Becoming Transcendentalist

Jim describes his path from his Baptist puritanical Christian heritage to becoming a friend of the 19th century Concord Transcendentalists and how it changed his family’s lives. Jim now lives with his family as a transcendentalist in Concord.

Henry David Thoreau and Money

Drawing on his training in American history, economics, and finance, and his love of Thoreau and Walden, Jim’s lecture illuminates how Thoreau was very much a man of his time and also a person whose spiritual life was deeply affected by money.