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Icy Transcendence

A transcendentalist embraces the world differently than a materialist does.  We often are sillier, more engaged with nature, and find joy and equanimity where others might find misery.  I was walking around Walden Pond one cold day last month, where we had had several days of bitterly cold weather already, without any snow or other disturbance of the pond’s surface.  I discovered the ice was several feet thick and as clear as glass, walking on it I could look down six or eight feet through the ice to the clear pond bottom below me.   Further out onto the pond it was like looking down into the abyss of the deep. This brought to mind Ralph Waldo Emerson’s seasonal transcendence walking Walden Pond.  In many of his winter journal entries he wrote about embracing icy cold winter days.  In one he wrote, “Pleasant walk yesterday, the most pleasant of days.  At Walden pond, I found an instrument which I call the ice-harp.  A thin coat of ice covered a part of the pond but melted around …

Transcendentalist Concord

Last night friends and transcendentalists gathered at First Parish in Concord to welcome Concord’s latest transcendentalist author’s book SPIRITUAL AUDACITY: Six Disciplines of Human Flourishing into the literary world. First Parish’s senior minister Rev. Howard Dana opened with a poem from Mary Oliver, perhaps America’s leading living transcendentalist poet.  Then he offered a few words on human flourishing.  Next Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom explained how the book came to be and read excerpts from the chapters on divine mystery and spiritual awakening.  The evening culminated with Louisa May Alcott, courtesy of Orchard House, wandering in to congratulate Concord’s latest transcendentalist author.  Now on to the October 5, 2017 author’s night at the Concord Library.