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Jim Sherblom in 1961

My Family of origin

In order to survive and thrive in a turbulent world, I became a storyteller. My story begins on a sunny early Saturday in 1961 in Newport, RI. Nature was green and alive. Five year old Jay raced his eight mostly older siblings across the lush lawn of the Baptist Ministers retirement home. He was intent on beating them to the used book tables at the home’s annual bazaar. Jay loved books. Every June his family would go to this giant yard sale to help support the retired ministers. Jay clutched a single quarter in his small fist, the spending money his mother had given him for the day, and he wanted to spend it all on books. Adult books were each a quarter, children’s hard cover books a dime, and children’s paperbacks a nickel each. For a five year old Jay was unusually goal oriented and focused. He quickly calculated he could only buy a few books unless he found some way to do better. Carefully picking up and perusing each book he soon caught …