I am a first time author working on my spiritual memoir entitled Spiritual Audacity.  It centers around six spiritual disciplines that improve human flourishing and a sense of well-being.

Spiritual Audacity
This is the story of my spiritual journey of becoming. Along the way I discovered and developed these six spiritual disciplines of resilience, surrender, gratitude, generosity, mystery, and awakening.

How we respond to the circumstances of our life is far more important than how our life began or what happened along the way.

Sometimes losing that which we have our ego set upon is key to discovering that which we truly desire. On the spiritual journey surrender opens new possibilities.

Anyone can be grateful for good things, spiritual gratitude requires learning gratitude for everything, everything that which is, that could be, and even that which never should have been.

We often go forth seeking answers only to discover our spiritual growth is in the questions. Living in uncertainty, neither this nor not this, is to live into the divine mystery.

After all our work, our trials and tribulations, we arrive where we began and know it for the first time. This is spiritual awakening to the underlying nature of reality.

I am hoping these spiritual disciplines can be helpful to you on your spiritual journey as this is intended to be the first in a series of three books of spiritual audacity.